Vanilla Milkshake


DexD products are designed specifically for T1’s, based on the need for own products.  All products are manufactured in medically approved and certified labs.  Dex products are designed to raise blood sugar fast and keep the levels stable for longer.

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Vanilla Milkshake

With less than 1g Carbs per serving, blood sugar levels are not affected, and the milkshake serves as a safe and tasty treat or snack.

DexD Milkshake contains 84 minerals, is high in vitamins and contains prebiotic fibre – it is also gluten free.

DexD Milkshakes can be added to any kind of milk, water or mixture of both.

It can be mixed as an awesome Low Carb Milkshake, or used in various recipes, like smoothies, ice cream, pancakes, etc.

DexD Milkshake is powder-based and packed in a convenient 86g plastic container which holds 15 servings per container.


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