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Our Product Range

We Love Low Carb

Low carb keto friendly bread - the real thing next to bread.

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Keto Kitchen

Suitable for gluten free, banting, LCHF, keto and paleo diets.


Gluten-Free, low carb and sugar -free products, sauces and jams.

Gracious Bakers

Banting-friendly, gluten-free and sugar-free foods, snacks and sweet treats.

Primo Delizia

Banting sugar free Ice cream and custard.

Banting Blvd

Premix low carb, gluten free products with no added sugar are delicious and quick to prepare.

Why Choose Us?

We supply a range of products that are low carb, gluten free and sugar free . Our vegan range is growing too. Just good food that’s a healthier option.


We have sourced the best range of products, offering a wide range of products for all Diabetic, low carb, gluten free and sugar free dietary requirements. Your one stop shop for all your favourite products at affordable prices.

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What Our Customers Say

Such a pleasure shopping online with Just Health Foods. I love their range of products. So much to choose from and having these products as an alternative healthy options has been a life saver.
Lucille Van Jaarsveldt
My son is T1D and we love that we can order a range of goodies that he can eat from one place, the convenience of having it delivered is a bonus. Great service and Great selection.
Nicole Simms
Shopping online for all your favourite goodies couldn’t be easier. The service from Rene and Vera is great and they really take care of their customers ! Thumbs up on the banting cake.
Giselle Harmsen


Daniel was diagnosed with T1D in 2018. It was a huge emotional toll on the family. Milkshake and pizza on school breakup day is now something of the past. Instead the days are now a constant debate, a discussion and an evaluation on the best option considering and calculating carbs, sugar, fibre and fat for every meal. It’s no longer just Milkshake and Pizza!  

Within a couple of weeks after Daniels’ diagnoses Vera made it her mission to source, find,  google and drive around to find him the best and only the best low carb, sugar free products that could replace some of the “normal foods” that he could no longer indulge in at a whim.  Little did we know that Just Health Foods was slowly taking shape.

Vera contacted many suppliers to source products and her home became a happy low carb home.  She knew she wanted to share the feeling with other T1D families. Rene her best friend and business partner, planted the seed and was a rock behind the idea, believing every step of the way that they could do this, and Just Health Foods was born.

They would start a business that would strive to help families like Veras’, sharing knowledge on all products that took her months to find. Checking glucose levels before and after, making sure they were truly low carb. Finding the best replacements for those “normal foods”

Today Just Health Foods is owned by Rene De Klerk and Vera Tomlinson, best friends and business partners with a vision. “We are proud that we have a business that is about helping people.  Offering a place where people can order delicious low carb and diabetic products, knowing that its recommended by a Type 1 Mom who has spent months sourcing the best products.”

Just Health Foods doesn’t just offer diabetic products, they recognise that there are many more dietary requirements and have a range of products that cater for Gluten Free, Vegan, banting and Keto

“Just Health Foods is our passion and we are committed to helping every family”    

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wishing all our clients a very
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